Everyone Else is Better at My Job than I Am. And Yours Too.

I just came across the article ‘Syndromes’ Drive Coders Crazy – Business Insider. Interesting article about fear and dissatisfaction among high tech people based on the notion that as individuals we’re not good enough, and that “real programmers” do it for the love of coding. So we’re driven to work crazy hours and job satisfaction is reduced.

We’ve known for along time that software engineers (and other knowledge workers I suspect) are less productive when constantly working 60-hour weeks. The article makes that point again.

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1 Response to Everyone Else is Better at My Job than I Am. And Yours Too.

  1. dtoczala says:

    I read this article too. I found that the “syndrome” described is something that we all feel from time to time. There is soooo much technology out there, and we often become our own worse enemies. How many times have you worked with some new technology or web app, and then tossed out the phrase, “well I have been using xyz for a while now, and you know how that works”, only to get back a nervous reply about how the other person likes it? About 5 minutes after they are done talking to you, they rush to their laptops to look up what xyz does, and to sign up for it.

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