JazzPractices at Innovate 2013

I’ll be attending the IBM Rational Innovate conference this year and leading the Process Enactment Workshop. If you’re going to Innovate, consider attending WKSHP-1116, the Process Enactment Workshop. I’ll be delivering it with my co-creators Ralph Schoon and Jorge Diaz Garcia on Tuesday afternoon.

Ralph is from Germany and Jorge is from Spain, so if your native language is English, German or Spanish we can promise to answer your questions in your mother tongue! Go to the Sessions page and search for “ruehlin” to see the abstract.

Many of us from the Jumpstart Team are going to innovate. Check out the team bios and see if you want to visit any of their presentations as well.

If you’d like to meet with me, please email me and we’ll try to get something set up during the conference. I’m imagining a group process enactment discussion over Mai Tais at the pool…

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2 Responses to JazzPractices at Innovate 2013

  1. soenke says:

    Could you pls check on the link for the team bios? Something seems to be wrong:

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