A Good Time for the Process Enactment Workshop

It’s that odd time of year between Christmas and New Years. Most people are enjoying “The Holiday Season”, some of us are working, but few of us are engaged in red-hot projects that consume all our waking moments.

So what do we do with this lighthearted week of the year? How about some fun enablement! This is the perfect time to settle in with a warm cup of cocoa (perhaps spiced with your favorite holiday pick-me-up) and run through some interesting labs that will make it seem like Santa put an extra frontal lobe under the tree for you.

We recently posted the latest version of the CLM 2012 Process Enactment Workshop (PEW) on Jazz.net. This one includes Lab 4, which dives deeper into work item customization. Now the PEW will teach you how to:

    • Set up your workspace for Process Enactment
    • Understand the Process Development Lifecycle using integrations between Rational Team Concert and Rational Method Composer
    • Configure work items (basic changes to work items)
    • Customize work items (advanced changes to work items)

We’ll soon post the fifth and final lab for this version of the PEW, which covers using JavaScript to create highly customized work items.

What could be better than learning something new by doing a workshop designed to help you customize developer tools? It’s better than watching A Christmas Story again.

Well, almost better.

Happy New Year!

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6 Responses to A Good Time for the Process Enactment Workshop

  1. Bogdan says:

    I found the “Process Enactment Workshop” very interesting and useful, thanks for putting it togeter. In Lab 3 of the workshop in section 3.1.1 there is a reference/instruction for importing the “practice.mgmt.team_change_mgmt.extend-acme-lab3” plug-in for which I was unable to find a download link. I would appreciate if you could point me to the location of that link.

  2. Neal McKegney says:

    the next file (process_tailoring) is also missing. Could you post a link please?

    • jruehlin says:

      I submitted the material to jazz.net a while ago. I just checked with the editors, and they said it should be up there in a day or two. Please check again on jazz.net, you should see it there soon.

      • Neal McKegney says:

        thanks. Workshop is great, by the way. Very cool stuff

      • jruehlin says:

        Thanks Neal! FYI, I’ll be presenting the hands-on Process Enactment Workshop at Innovate 2013, along with my colleagues Ralph Schoon and Jorge Diaz Garcia. If you’re going to Innovate this year and want to attend, it’s WKSP-1116.

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