Issue when Exporting a Process Template from RMC to RTC

In reviewing and updating the new CLM 2012 Process Enactment workshop this week, I discovered an issue with RMC integrating with the new

It boils down to roles in RMC using the same ID as roles in RTC. The result is that you need to change the IDs in RMC if you export a process template from RMC to RTC. This results in duplicate roles: two Developer roles, two Project Manager roles, etc.

I couldn’t figure out why I was prevented from saving a work item, until I realized I was using the RMC-generated PM role instead of the RTC-defined PM role. The RMC role didn’t have any permissions in the project.

Quick solution: copy the description (and hyperlink) from the RMC-generated role to the original RTC role, then delete the RMC-generated role. I’ve alerted the authorities (the RMC team), so they’re on it.

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