Scrum’s Not the Solution for Everyone

Jimmy Bogard has a great post on Why I’m Done with Scrum. Not sure I agree with all his conclusions, but they’re all thoughtful and worth considering.

One thing he mentions is that if it Scrum is hard, then you shouldn’t do it. I disagree – I don’t think difficulty is the measure. In fact, if you’re failing in delivering value, then your organization’s behavior – its habits and patterns – need to be changed. My experience is that the absolute hardest thing to do in an organization is to be a change agent, to have an effect on those habits and patterns.

This is the human condition. We don’t change habits easily. It’s uncomfortable. It feels wrong. After all, the nature of a habit is that it’s comfortable! Ask a smoker who’s quit, or a nail-biter who no longer bites their nails. It was uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and required many daily interruptions to the normal flow of thoughts to stop doing that habit.

It’s no different with an organization’s habits. People will have all sorts of reasons why they shouldn’t stop doing what’s comfortable. That’s the human condition for you – justify what you do until the bitter end. Then when you finally change and establish new habits, you justify those!

Give Jimmy’s article a read. It’s enlightening.

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