Beware of the Ignore List in Shell-shared RMC

A colleague of mine recently pointed out that the following RMC library file:


was ignored by RTC SCM on his local machine. The reason is because the string contrib is included in the Eclipse Ignore Resources preference item.

The result is that RTC dutifully ignored the .xmi file and did not check it into SCM.

The Eclipse Ignore List often has elements that are common across workspaces, developers, and teams. But it’s a local list, tailored to your local environment. Some people don’t have that particular ignore string, some do. The lesson here is that you should double-check your library to make sure every element has been checked in when you first add the library to SCM. You can tell files have been added to SCM because they get a small SCM glyph added to their icon.


If you expected something to be added to SCM but it wasn’t, the Ignore List might be the culprit.


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