RTC Extensions Landing Page

Good news – the RTC Extensions Landing Page is now live on Jazz.net! This is the first place you want to go if you are trying to learn or research extensions. The landing page pulls together all the pieces of information we have about extensions and provides access to them from a single page. It makes life a bit easier when you’re trying to find out stuff like which operation ID you need for your process advisor.

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2 Responses to RTC Extensions Landing Page

  1. dtoczala says:

    Just saw this page, and it is a MUST SEE starting point for anyone who is considering doing their own RTC process extensions. This is a great article on it’s own, and having all of the links to all of the various resources is priceless.

  2. rhnaranjo says:

    How come the RTC Extensions landing page does not mention the RTC 3.0.1 Extensions workshop: https://jazz.net/library/article/634

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