Oracle Parameters for RTC 3.0.1

My colleagues Dan Toczala and  Tim Feeney recently shared this information on the recommended Oracle parmeters for RTC 3.0.1. If you choose to use these parameters for other CLM products, be sure and test them as these recommendations are aimed at RTC.

Parameter Description: Value: Type

  • cursor_sharing: SIMILAR: Fixed EXACT (updated to EXACT as some have reported issues with SIMILIAR, and it appears SIMILAR may be deprecated in future versions of Oracle).
  • db_block_size: 8192: Fixed (seems fine, larger is better but seems to be lot’s of arguments about going to 32 k)
  • db_cache_size: 51200000: Fixed
  • db_cache_advice READY Fixed
  • db_file_multiblock_read_count: 8: Fixed (Oracle recommends letting the system set this)
  • Instance_names: <sid>: Fixed
  • java_pool_size: 16777216: Fixed (we don’t use in db java)
  • large_pool_size: 0: Fixed
  • log_buffers: 819200: Fixed
  • open_cursors: 20: Fixed (up it if you are getting errors)
  • shared_pool_size: 38400000: Fixed
  • undo_management: AUTO: Fixed
  • undo_retention: 300: Fixed
  • processes: 50: Fixed (15 + number of user sessions + 1)
  • pga_aggregate_target: 51200000: Fixed
  • Workarea_size_policy: Auto: Fixed
  • undo_tablespace: UNDO01: Fixed
  • audit_trail: Db: Fixed
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One Response to Oracle Parameters for RTC 3.0.1

  1. I actually seem to agree with almost everything that ended up being
    put into writing inside “Oracle Parameters for RTC 3.
    0.1 | JazzPractices”. Thank you for all the facts.

    Thank you,Lula

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