Resolving Authentication Issues with RTC-Subversion Connections

I encountered some issues with the RTC-Subversion (SVN) connector recently. Here’s some information you’ll probably need when setting up your own connections. Instructions for setting up the connection can be found on this help page (search for Linking Work Items to Subversion Repositories). If you’re a Subclipse user, it looks like you need to use at least version 1.2.4. And you can use later versions as long as you don’t install the SVNKit. You could use Subversive instead of Subclipse, though I’m not away of any version limitations with that product. The instructions explain how to manually update the links between RTC work items and SVN. This process finds SVN file versions that have been associated with RTC work items, and adds links from the work items to the appropriate file version in SVN. So the question immediately arises: How can I get those links updated automatically? In fact, the server does periodically update those links automatically. But (there had to be a “but”) the server will only handle unauthenticated (anonymous) connections. Most SVN installations require authentication. The result is that if you need authentication you won’t get automatic updates. And, when you do manual updates you get an error message that the scan failed (because the server required authentication) but you’re given the option to run the scan locally. So run it locally and the links will be updated and automatically added to the RTC server.

– Jim Ruehlin

Thanks to Seth Packham for the recommendation on the title.

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3 Responses to Resolving Authentication Issues with RTC-Subversion Connections

  1. Seth Packham says:

    A better title for this blog post might be: “Resolving authentication issues with RTC-Subversion Connections” or “Automatically updating links with RTC-Subversion Connections”

    As is, it sounds like there are issues with the connector.

    Otherwise, very helpful content, once someone reads through it.

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