New Book: Patterns-Based Engineering

Patterns-Based Engineering: Successfully Delivering Solutions via Patterns is now available. The authors, Lee Ackerman and Celso Gonzalez, are former colleagues of mine, and they’re excellent evangelists for PBE (they’re excellent at a lot of things actually). They’ve both worked with PBE area for years, and have been instrumental in advocating and deploying PBE solutions for IBM and IBM customers since PBE was conceptualized.

Here’s Lee’s description:
With Patterns-Based Engineering (PBE), we’ve focused on detailing how to succeed in delivering software via a disciplined, systematic and quantifiable approach that uses pattern specifications and pattern implementations. In doing so, we’ve focused on how to identify, create, manage and consume patterns – and to do so in a way that is agile, repeatable and scalable across an organization.

Check out their Patterns-Based Engineering website for more information.

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