I’m Jim Ruehlin, at this moment the newest member of the IBM Jazz Jumpstart Team. This is a personal, unofficial blog that provides a perspective on Jazz, practices (process), and Collaborative Lifecycle Management from the point of view of a process architect, IBM Rational contributor, and long-time developer.

You’re reading this blog because you want to:

  • Know about real-world experiences with creating and enacting process in the Jazz products
  • Gain basic understanding of Jazz, CLM, and practice concepts
  • Find references to other useful information
  • Get links and information via QR codes (yeah, I just got an Andriod)

As I work with customers and develop solutions, I’ll post my experiences so you have an idea of what’s on the road ahead of you and how to deal with it. I’ll also post short articles defining and explaining concepts and providing how-to information on various subjects.

In general I’ll keep my posts short, around a half-dozen paragraphs. If a longer explanation is warranted, I’ll provide it as a link or attachment. You’ll be able to jump into the blog, update yourself quickly, and get back to your life.

Important: This is not an official IBM blog. Nothing posted on this blog should be taken as IBM gospel or an official announcement. Visit officialdom at jazz.net.

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